"With its sensual ability to attract and its elusive
power to seduce, Perfume colors and shapes our impressions and memories. It infuses boundless
emotions and carries us into the sublime."
- Kristen Michèle

Scent is a mysterious gateway to memory.

I remember spending time with my favorite aunt as a young girl. We'd often hit a hippie sort of health food store after a day at the beach. I still recall the smell of the place; carrot juice, oats, sprouts. While she shopped, I slipped away to the perfume oil counter. I'd open every bottle and smell each scent with such curiosity and pleasure. I would agonize over which fragrance to choose because I knew she wouldn't buy me more than one.

As I grew to my teens my love for perfume grew as well.

I remember another aunt who I always thought was quite glamorous. She wore chic clothes and expensive perfume. One day I was in her bedroom admiring her wardrobe and the different perfumes on her dressing table. I was captivated by Jean Patou's Joy. She saw how much I loved it and gave it to me! To this day I still have that bottle; and the memory, of course.

I remember how lucky I was to have a mother who traveled to Paris, returning with special scents for me. She, too, loved perfume. I had an amazing collection for a girl not even in high school. These are just some of the things I look back on now, and I realize my gift was emerging.

Memories have manifest.

Eventually, I began collecting and blending oils, therein beginning my journey. I traveled extensively through France visiting some of the oldest perfume houses in the country. I had the opportunity to meet and befriend a successful perfumer who gave me a "smell" test with some of the raw essences in his lab. Afterward, he strongly encouraged me to pursue perfumery, telling me I had a "gifted" olfactory sense. It was during these experiences that I realized I wanted to pursue the art of perfumery and turn my passion into my life.

My inspiration? It's endless, of course, as any artist would say, and it's everything in life. But for me, it stems strongly from my desire to recreate a classic time gone by, a time of the glamour and elegance of French perfumery as it was in the twenties, thirties and forties and even decades before. It's that ultra-feminine and chic period that I am in love with. My emotions, my perceptions and my deepest secrets serve as the most passionate of inspiration, ultimately.

My desire is that as a wearer of my perfume you will create your own memories; that in many years from now, in an instant, you can, from the faintest whiff of my parfum, look back and remember something, be it grand or demure and unexpectedly feel a spark of emotion and rest in the comfort of that memory.

This… is my gift to you.