The glamour and elegance of traditional French perfumery is the heart of Kristen Michèle Parfumeur. It mirrors sensuality, intrigue, beauty and classicism.

Kristen Michèle Parfumeur brings back the aura and mystique of classic fragrance to the modern woman. The parfum is a delicately balanced cohesion of old-world formulae with a modern twist, making it unique and timeless, appealing to every woman.

The French inspired collection debuts with three dreamy scents. Using sophisticated and complex compositions, each parfum is created using the finest oils from around the world. Each parfum is distinctly different from the other and from all other fragrances on the market collectively. They are designed to be worn separately and for three totally different occasions. Sultry. Romantic. Fresh.

You are invited to experience an unforgettable moment in a most unforgettable scent.


Epice Orientale
Fleurs Blanches
Notes Fraîches

Signature by Design
Bridal Services

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