Scent is inherently linked to memory…

A wedding day is one of the most special moments in a woman’s life and one she will always remember. Capturing the moment and the emotions through the magic of fragrance is a timeless treasure. Scent evokes emotions by connecting with the limbic part of your brain where memories are stored, so the faintest whiff of your wedding perfume can whisk you back to that day.

Perfuming yourself is part of the bridal dressing process. Like your specially chosen dress, your fragrance should reflect your mood, taste and sensibility. Overall, it should be something you love!

Using everything from the season and time of your wedding ceremony, your dress, flowers, location and ultimately, what you feel you want to create for your special day, we can create a signature parfum that’s perfect for you.

Bridal Services
There are so many variables and nuances involved in the planning of a wedding. These are some basic services offered. Of course, we can make anything happen to tailor your needs.

Bridesmaids & Bridal Showers

Specialty gifts of perfume for the bridesmaids.

Create an entire fragrance ensemble where a parfum is made for the preparation of wedding, the wedding day and the honeymoon.

Bride and Groom Unisex Fragrance
Just as the wedding day you can etch the memory of your honeymoon in your heart with a unisex fragrance for you and your spouse. This is a process where you co-create a scent that works on each of you.

All bottles and packaging can be supplied and your unique artwork utilized in the creation process.

Epice Orientale
Fleurs Blanches
Notes Fraîches

Signature by Design
Bridal Services

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