This is a private consultation in which we work together to create a unique, one of a kind parfum. Together we will select from a large palette of fragrance oils based on your preferences and then draw upon emotional impulses such as your memories and personal experiences. Typically, this creation can be geared to whatever you desire; these are just a few of the things that past clients have drawn upon to come up with their Signature Parfum.

I work to balance and fine-tune the chosen oils and turn them into one sophisticated scent. We have up to three follow-up creative encounters, making changes until the fragrance is just right. You receive a refillable, beautiful French bottle of parfum and a 1/2-ounce eau de parfum purse spray. Other bath products can be made with your fragrance as well.

Your formula is kept on file for life and is, of course, top secret.

Private Label services available.

Epice Orientale
Fleurs Blanches
Notes Fraîches

Signature by Design
Bridal Services

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